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Bottles & Containers

Sukano’s portfolio of masterbatches for bottles and containers will blow you away!

No matter what type and application, get the best into -and out of- your PET bottles and containers with Sukano masterbatches.
Sukano’s expertise can support you in the development of your PET bottles and containers, whether for food and beverages, cosmetics and personal care, household care, or medical products and devices.

Make your bottles both look and perform better, while also improving the mechanical properties and processability of molded parts and devices to achieve:
Unique shelf-appeal
Product integrity, preserving nutrition, taste and flavor
Food safety
Excellent transparency, even using RPET
Extended shelf-life
Productivity enhancement
Get in touch with Sukano to learn more about our solutions for PET bottles and containers:
White masterbatches give the highest possible opacity while maintaining excellent dispersion
Highly attractive color masterbatches for brand differentiation
Mold Release Agents for consistent filling of cavities, and shorter cycle times
Optical Brighteners and Anti-yellowing masterbatch effects to adjust the color of recycled PET and give it a more neutral appearance, even at higher concentration amounts
UV masterbatches for extended and reliable UV content protection without altering the original color tone
Reduced cycle time and scrap rate via the use of a proprietary high performance reheat agent
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